Egypt: Shark attack on hotel beach. The woman was seriously injured

On Wednesday, a shark attacked an Egyptian citizen at a tourist resort … Dahab on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Sinai Peninsula – reported the Egyptian daily “Al-Ahram”.

The newspaper quoted the report Ministry of EnvironmentIn it the ministry confirms that “a decision has been taken Dahab closes one of the beaches (…) After an Egyptian woman was injured by a shark attack.

The ministry ordered the local presence to form an emergency committee to assess the situation and determine the reasons for the attack Sea predator. The ministry added in its statement: “The woman’s condition is stable and she has been given all immediate assistance.”.

However, the report did not provide information on the nature of the woman’s injuries. CNN’s Arabic editorial is reporting on social media reports, which have yet to be confirmed.

Dramatic eyewitnesses

According to witnesses at the scene, they show that the injured woman lost a lot of blood It is necessary to amputate the hand. The incident reportedly took place on the hotel beach and the woman was not concerned about the approaching shark as she mistook it for a large tuna.

After the accident, the locals have to try Catch predators with harpoons for about two hoursFailed.

This is not the first time that sharks have attacked the coast of Egypt. In June, there was an accident at a fishing spot in the Hurghada area She ate a Russian citizen.

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