Germany proposes ‘new partnership with Eastern and Central Europe’…with German leadership

SPD leader Lars Klingbeil visited Warsaw, where he participated in a conference of European left-wing parties. According to him, German-Polish relations are an important element of “German progress and stabilization” in Europe. The same politician recently proposed “a new partnership with Eastern and Central Europe” … with a German leading role.

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A delegation of left-wing parties from 10 European countries visited Warsaw to discuss a common social democratic security policy as part of the “Zeitenwende” conference.

Among them was Larse Klingbeil, leader of the German SPD. The German politician pointed out that NATO needs to be more important and that an experienced person is needed for the position of secretary general of the alliance. “Germany made a mistake when it came to policy towards Russia and Eastern Europe,” Klingbeil insisted.

He reported that he had come straight from Kiev to Warsaw, where he met. With the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the city mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

Head of the SPD in Warsaw

“They were very touching conversations. Show me How courageously Ukrainians defend their homeland “This war has shown me that our common European values ​​are at stake,” said the leader of the SPD.

He also promised that Germany’s military aid would continue to be provided to Ukraine on an unlimited basis.

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– I recently trained in Münster with the Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius, and Ukrainian soldiers to operate Leopard 2 tanks, which I am happy with. In March, these tanks will fight at the front “Ukrainian soldiers will operate these tanks professionally,” Klingbeil said.

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He added that Germany would “do everything” to make Ukraine a member of the EU. According to the leader of the SPD, German-Polish relations are an important element of German progress and stabilization in Europe.

– There have been critical discussions in the past, but our relationship is characterized by the fact that we can discuss critically, and in the end we look for a common way. Poland and Germany would do well to seek common solutions instead of pursuing a policy of opposition to each other – he said.

Klingbiel was spoken of during his visit to Warsaw in June 2022. He later said that Germany should have “leading power aspirations”.

Is Germany increasingly central?

After almost 80 years of abstinence, Germany today plays a new role in the system of international relations.. (…) Germany is increasingly at the center. We have to live up to those expectations,” he said.

According to Klingbeil, Germany can carry out “intelligent leadership in Europe”, which – he decreed – “has nothing to do with pushiness, arrogance and arrogance, but with the defense of principles and values.”

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