Germany. Munster: Child sexual abuse. Report and thousands of victims

Top officials have protected priests who sexually abuse children – Analytical results Sexual abuse In the diocese Munster In West Germany.

As established by historians, [Between1945and2020atleast610childrenweresexuallyabused[1945மற்றும்2020க்குஇடையில்குறைந்தது610குழந்தைகள்பாலியல்துஷ்பிரயோகம்செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளனர் In this diocese. On Monday, June 13, a five-member research team led by Professors Thomas Crossbolding and Glass Crosscross explained that ‘children are between the ages of 10 and 14, a quarter of whom are women’.

However, many more may have been affected. The authors of the study believe 5-6 thousand people have been affected in 75 years. Children. The abuse took place mainly as part of sacrificial services or in holiday camps.

That the study assumed At least 196 clergymen were convicted. In particular, it had 183 priests, a deacon and twelve brothers from a religious community who had long been obedient to the bishop. – Many of them have committed abuses many times. Thomas Crossbolding, now a lecturer at the University of Hamburg, explained that the abuse was made possible by the collective negligence of those responsible for the staff. – பிThey warned themselvesRather what pastors and accomplices of criminals – he added.

The majority of the bishops were informed Cases And they knew these were not personal cases. In about 90 percent of cases. The accused never had criminal consequences. These crimes were deliberately covered upAnd the offenders were usually transferred elsewhere. The authors of the report talk about “catastrophic conditions” in the Diocese of Muenster. Most of what happened can be considered legally a hindrance to criminal activity while in office. However, the teachers did not expect further inquiries from the prosecutor’s office.

Due to the incompetence of the superiors Criminals can The abuse continued for many yearsAnd even decades. In many cases, the parishioners looked away and contributed to the cover-up. It was an open secret that there were abusers in the churches and that he was a “touching prince”.

This research work was entrusted to scientists by the Diocese of Munster. The authors also accuse the diocese’s current bishop, Felix Zen, of treating the subject of abuse too “pleasantly,” especially in the early years. He did not know the outcome of the analysis – he explained, after reading it, announced that he would release the report in the coming days.

I take responsibility for the mistakes I make In activities related to sexual abuse, the bishop said. “I am also part of the church system that has made sexual abuse possible,” he noted. He also said that there should be “real conversion”. – This is a commitment for me, and I want to face it Said Felix Jen.

Initiative of the aggrieved party demands “ekikar dish” (“angle table”) Church He is not the only one responsible for investigating cases of sexual abuse. – Accounts for child sexual abuse must be taken from the hands of the Church Matthias Kutch, spokesman for the initiative, said. It cannot be that “the causal system voluntarily orders the production of expert opinions”.

Many dioceses have not yet commissioned such investigations, even twelve years after the fraud scandal broke. Kutch insisted that the Church’s claim that only personal cases were previously known was clearly refuted. – The Catholic Church “must finally pay adequate compensation”. So far, the money paid has not reflected the system’s faults, a spokesman for those harassed by the priests insists.

The German media showed interest in the caseWidespread comment on reports of child abuse by priests in the Diocese of Muenster.

The bishops and their executive staff have failed We read in the ‘Muenster Daily’ Westfaelische Nachrichten ‘that protecting criminals,’ treating ‘them and then sending them to more communities.

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung Daily reports that the report on the abuses in the Diocese of Munich focused on the names of key figures such as Joseph Ratzinger, Friedrich Wetter and Reinhard Marx.The report for the Diocese of Muenster has a broad perspective And shines on the web that surrounds the diocese.

The regional daily “Die Clock” believes that while his chances are slim, Bishop Felix Zen, researchers accuse him of having some flaws, The Diocese of Muenster needs to build structures to help prevent abuseThey will provide honest help to the victims and they will give hope.

teachers: Wojciech Simansky / (EPD, DPA / Real Estate)

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