Alyaksandr Lukashenko: I have a draft agreement on my desk. Bad for Russia

Lukashenko On Thursday he spoke at the Council of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in Minsk. He recalled this during his speech Russia is engaged in concluding an agreement with Ukraine “from scratch”.

– We have been asked to sit at the negotiating table. Well, they punched each other in the face, they said: “Let’s talk, let’s stop this war,” he said, adding that the talks first took place in the capital of Belarus, and then moved to Turkey.

Lukashenko: Russia agreed to completely unprofitable terms

A draft agreement was placed on the table. If Russia reads it now, it will go crazy. It was completely unprofitable for her, but Russia agreed. A draft of this agreement is on my desk. Once Russia agreed to peace efforts, the plan was scrapped. People may not know about it, but experts are involved – he said, quoted by Belda Agency.

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According to the dictator “Return” to peace talks with Ukraine. “Before they accuse us of confronting and prolonging this conflict, we must return to the negotiating table. Let’s take this document (to be developed during the initial stage of negotiations – red), but new to stop the war – he appealed.

War in Ukraine. Zelensky: Talks with Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin are pointless

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine Beginning in the spring of 2022 and ending when Russian war crimes near Kiev came to light. The last meeting took place on March 29 in Istanbul.

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Journalists repeatedly asked the President of Ukraine about the peace talks. Zelensky has repeatedly explained that talks can take place when Russian troops leave his country and Ukraine returns to its 1991 borders. In January this year, during an interview with Sky News, he appreciated it “Talks with Russia are pointless as long as Vladimir Putin is at the helm”.

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Thursday Volodymyr Zelensky While officially commemorating the 1944 Crimean Tatar Genocide, he said “International relations cannot be normalized until Crimea is returned to Ukraine“.


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