Germany: Ban on sale of glitter. The EU is fighting microplastics

The EU is trying to fight for the climate, which is why the sale of loose glitter will soon be banned to remove some of it. Microplastics Not in circulation. German stores are expected to run out of glitter particles by the end of this week. Glitter.

The glitter will disappear from the German shops. “In my world, everything must shine”

According to the website of the British newspaper “The Guardian”, this process is already underway and is driven by the personalities of German reality shows.

Participating in the local version of “Big Brother”, Dylan, in an interview with “Bild”, went on a shopping spree when he received information about the upcoming ban on the sale of shiny products. He managed to buy it 82 sets of glitter For 180 euros, it is converted into Polish currency PLN 821.

I am really shocked by this. In my world, everything should shine – said Dylan.

Luca Valentino from the Idol-equivalent show “Deutschland Sucht den Superstar” (“Germany is looking for a star” – Polish translation) didn’t like the news about the stop selling glitter. Valentino attacked the European Union “Gets the last sparks of light.” She also said she used three jars of glitter a year to make her life “more colorful.”

The EU is fighting microplastics. They want to remove the glitter

The first thing that comes to mind is loose glitter From October 15 Should be banned from sale, this does not mean that other products containing microplastics will not be phased out in the future. The ban is intended to cover certain cosmetics, detergents, toys, medicines, medical devices and artificial playing surfaces.

Source: “The Guardian”

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