Former Russian Prime Minister Putin has been in power for two years. NATO must react

  • Mikhail Kasyanov, Russia’s former prime minister and opposition leader, has promised that Putin will stay in the Kremlin for a maximum of two years.
  • The former politician believes that NATO should act more vigorously for the war in Ukraine and close the country‚Äôs airspace.
  • Vladimir Putin was outraged at the unsatisfactory progress of the Ukrainian invasion and was surprised by the reaction of the West, which did not accept the war as much as the invasion of Crimea.
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Michael Kasyanov agreed in an interview with Matt Freya Vladimir Putin By attacking Ukraine, he showed his true face, which was already designed in the days when he was a KGB agent. Kasyanov, who ousted Putin in 2004 with the entire government, stressed the president’s actions. RussiaEmphasize that secret service agents should never be appointed as heads of state and that such changes should be prevented in the future.

The former Russian prime minister has said NATO should react more to the war and declare the plane a no-fly zone. UkraineThis would have surprised Putin even more. In his opinion, the Russian leader hoped that the invasion of Ukraine would be carried out in the same way as the West Crimea.

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NATO must respond to Russian invasion, says Mikhail Kasyanov about the importance of closing the skies over Ukraine

Michael Kasyanov admitted that the Russian president should be more angry because the actions he planned were not carried out according to his will. When asked if Putin should deal with the anger of the Russian people over Ukraine’s brutal invasion, Mikhail Kasyanov acknowledged that this was a possible scenario.

– Not in the short term, but in the long run, yes. They will look for the real causes and real sources of the problems they have. Michael Kasyanov explained in an interview with LBC Radio that it would pay for decades what Putin has done for the country.

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At the end of the talks, the former Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, evaluated the actions of the Ukrainians who have so far defended themselves and, in line with his expectations, Kremlin For a maximum of two years.

Michael Kasyanov became the Prime Minister of the Opposition

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Mikhail Kasyanov was the Finance Minister of the Russian Federation from 1999-2000, and in January 2000 he became Prime Minister. He was ousted from the presidency by Vladimir Putin in February 2004, just days before the presidential election. After being ousted from government, Mikhail Kasyanov became involved in anti-Russian activities and in April 2006 he led the People’s Democratic Alliance, which became the Russian People’s Democratic Alliance.

As leader of this party, he took an active part in other Russian activities, but was unable to reach an agreement with the other leaders of the camp, which severed ties with him in 2007. Kasyanov wanted to run for president. In 2008, but his participation was blocked by the Central Electoral Commission, which reduced it to 13 percent. Two million signatures in support of his candidacy, according to Wikipedia.

Source: LBC, Wikipedia


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