Courts in France have ordered the removal of Nativity scenes from public spaces. Officials from the three cities battle it out in court every year

Citing the principle of secularism, the court ordered the town halls of Beziers and Beaucaire to remove Nativity scenes located in the main courtyards of these towns’ town halls.

Mayor Beziers Robert Ménard has 24 hours to remove the nativity scene under a fine of €100 per day. Mer was charged by the League of Human Rights (LDH) in summary proceedings at the Montpellier Administrative Court. The cradle violates the secular law in force in France.

Manger “lights a Christmas installation” and therefore “this installation within the perimeter of a public building violates the provisions of Section 28 of the Act of 1905 and the requirements relating to the principle of neutrality of public persons”.

The court said.

Nativity scenes in Beaucaire, Gard and Beziers are regularly prosecuted, but are instituted every year by the mayors of these towns.. Also this year, the nursery in Perpignan is being sued by LDH in Montpellier’s administrative court, with a hearing scheduled for December 20.

“We abide by the court’s decision, but I regret this action, although it is cruel to face something that unites.

Menard replied He was accused of breaking the law by installing cribs in the town hall every year before Christmas. To avoid the law, Menard had already installed nativity scenes on moving carriages.

Source:, PAP



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