North Korea is threatening America and South Korea. “Citing military assets” in the background | News from around the world

Officers’ Report North Korea obtained by the state-owned KCNA agency. The latest missile tests are in response to the military training they participated in, the press release said forces of America and South Korea.

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Paweł Kowal: “North Korea understands the concept of denuclearization differently”

North Korea Explains Reasons for Recent “Missile Drill” America has also been warned

The report mainly commented on US and South Korean Vigilante Storm 23 maneuvers. Recent ballistic missile tests were considered a “clear response” to these actions.

“Exercise Vigilant Storm is an open provocation aimed at deliberately increasing tensions with dangerous exercises of a more aggressive nature towards North Korea. The longer the enemy’s military provocations continue, the Korean People’s Army will face them more fully and mercilessly” – says a press release from regime officials from the North.

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A nuclear attack would “end the regime of Kim Jong Un.” South Korea has warned

Later in the report Army “We will continue to retaliate against all enemy combat exercises against the DPRK,” North Korea says. To this end, it will use “stable, decisive and overwhelming military means”.

Vigilant Storm 23 ended last Saturday. During them North Korea It fired about 30 missiles, one of which fell 57 kilometers off the coast of South Korea. Just November 2 In seven hours, North Korea launched about 1000 artillery pieces and 17 missiles. Actions in the North come after such an escalation Once It was the first time since the end of 1953 War Korean.

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