England. They are preparing a revolution in the military. A decisive announcement by the Prime Minister

In Great Britain, a program was created to restore military service for 18-year-olds

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Sunday that if his Conservative Party wins the House of Commons election, he will restore compulsory military service for under-18s, although there is an option to replace it with a voluntary one.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He announced that he would win the election if his Conservative Party won Reinstatement of compulsory military service For 18 year olds.

Prime Minister of Great Britain He said the long-term challenges facing the country must be approached “truthfully and openly”. He also said that the program prepared by his party would provide “deserving opportunities” to the youth.

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England. The government is preparing a revolution regarding military service

Under the scheme, Britons turning 18 will have several options to choose from: Joining the Army Full-time for 12 months, British Cyber ​​Security Service For the same period or Volunteering One weekend per month per year. For the last option, the choices are: fire brigade, health service or charities.

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The Sunak party insists that the new plan does not amount to coercion and has a purpose Preparing young citizens For various tasks. According to conservatives, the COVID-19 pandemic shows how important public service is. The party said the new system was “absolutely essential”.

– Only by developing our common culture and developing a sense of duty can we protect our nation and values ​​for decades. This is an investment in both the character of young people and our security, as quoted by “The Guardian”.

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The project costs money 2.5 billion pounds. A similar idea was proposed by David Cameron in 2010. The then prime minister wanted to create a special program for under-16s to end the “senseless state of the dependent”. Projects are not implemented.

Labor Party He strongly criticized the plan, saying it would further depress the British economy. She called her opponents “bankrupt ideas.”

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