England. The Ukrainian oligarchy is dead in Surrey

Mikhail Watford, 66, died Monday. Surrey police say the body was found near Virginia Water between Slow and Woking, west of London.

– We were called at noon on Monday 28th February. A Surrey County Police spokesman said the man’s body had been found.

– An ambulance was called to the scene. However, when the rescue squad arrived at the scene, the man was found dead. Special attention was paid to the relatives of the deceased. An investigation is underway to clarify the circumstances of the death, but so far nothing has been specified as to the circumstances surrounding the death – a police spokesman said.

Putin’s “friend”

Mikhail Watford, 66, was born in 1955 in Ukraine as Mikhail Tolstoszej. After moving to Great Britain, he changed his name, where he first lived with his wife in London and then moved to Surrey near London.

According to The Guardian, Watford made its fortune in oil and gas after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The media also reports that the oligarchy is well acquainted with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Although there are currently no indications that Watford was a victim of a Russian attack, the circumstances and timing of his death are questionable. Russian intelligence in particular has carried out attacks on its allies or civilians in the past. Just mention it Attempt to poison Sergei Skribal and his daughterThe Kremlin has not yet agreed.

Source: theguardian.com

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