2020 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Louis Kluge has passed away.

“The superiority of poetry over life is that, if it is clever enough, it survives,” Klück once wrote.

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He was a “poet of laconic, honest lyrics” who was fascinated by Greek mythology, philosophy, Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson; His style was influenced by Rainer Maria Rilke, TS Eliot, Robert Lowell and Dickinson – remembers the dead American public television PBS.

The universality of human existence

When the Nobel jury honored her in 2020 — the first for American poetry since TS Elliot won in 1948 — its members wrote that her “unique poetic voice with raw beauty makes the individual human existence universal.”

Kluk lectured at prestigious universities such as Stanford University and Boston University. His works, which have become the subject of literary research, are collected in the library at Yale University. He has published several volumes of poetry, essays and a short novel titled “Marigold and Rose”.

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