England: 15-year-old girl strangles her baby after giving birth unexpectedly

Paris Mayo At the age of 15, she allegedly murdered her son after giving birth “suddenly and unexpectedly” in her living room. His parents were upstairs then.

Worcester Court (UK) Heard that a schoolgirl had beaten a child to death by stuffing cotton wool into his airway.

– Then Childbirth The accused hit the child on the upper left and right side of the head, causing severe brain injury, the lawyer said.

“After about two hours, realizing that the child was still alive, he put a piece of cotton wool in his mouth,” he added.

His mother found the body. – There’s a baby in the bag! She wanted to scream. She then called the emergency services. The incident took place in March 2019.

Mayo, now 19, denies killing the child, the daily writes.

A 15-year-old girl gave birth in a room. The baby “fell out of her”

At autopsy, the child was suffocated by a cotton swab His esophagus was blocked.

Mayo thought she had period pains the night she gave birth. When she arrived at her brother George’s house, she asked him not to come into the room because she was bleeding profusely.

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The next morning, the teenager texted her brother, asking him to throw away the trash bag, saying it contained the “disease” from the night before. Then Mayo’s mother saw the bag.

Maya said RegulatorsShe didn’t know she was pregnant and the baby “fell out of her”.

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Her brother didn’t know she was pregnant, but he noticed she started wearing baggy clothes. The teenager admitted that she knew the identity of the child’s father, but had nothing to do with him.

Mayo said the baby did not move or breathe after birth. His trial is expected to last six weeks.


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