Elite Russian unit crashed. British intelligence shows satellite photos

British military intelligence has released photos showing at least 10 armored vehicles destroyed. “These vehicles are probably elements of the Russian 155th Marine Regiment (NI), which was at the forefront of the latest attack,” the British Ministry of Defense said.

This unit was to receive the most difficult tactical tasks of the war.

“The increased capacity of these regiments did not materialize due to inexperienced mobilized personnel,” – we read.

The 155th Marine Division had 5,000 men. Soldiers – By mid-February, the media reported that 300 of them had to die every day. The brigade personnel had to go through three waves of replenishment.

The unit became widely known in November last year when its soldiers accused their commander of inflicting heavy casualties during an attack near Donetsk. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied the allegations.

Wuhledar is located about 160 km southwest of Pakmut. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports that Russia is “continually attacking the positions of Ukrainian troops” around the city. Russia was to launch “failed strikes” near six settlements, including Yahidne and Berchivka.

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