Donald Trump meets Viktor Orban. Joe Biden's sharp reaction

President Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump for meeting with Victor Orbán. US President Says Hungarian Prime Minister Is “Seeking Dictatorship” – I see a future where we protect democracy, not diminish it, Biden declared during the campaign rally.

Joe Biden And Donald Trump In recent weeks, they have been traveling around the US meeting with voters ahead of November's US presidential election. They also meet foreign politicians. For the current president, this is not surprising, but what is unusual is that Trump is also talking to other countries' leaders.

A few weeks ago, the Republican Party met with the President of Argentina Javier M. Currently, the Hungarian Prime Minister has gone to his home in Florida Victor Orban.

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The two politicians are united not only by their views but also by their personal sympathies. Orbán and Trump have repeatedly exchanged compliments in public statements. This time is no different. – There is no smarter or better leader than Viktor Orban. He's wonderful, Trump praised the Hungarian leader.

Joe Biden: Hungary's Orban put it bluntly that democracy doesn't work

The Hungarian prime minister mentioned President Joe Biden's visit to Florida during a campaign rally. – Do you know who (Trump – editor's note) is meeting at Mar-a-Lago today? With Orban from Hungary, he said bluntly that democracy doesn't work Aspires to dictatorship – he said.

– I see a future where we protect democracy, not reduce it – he added.

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The US President also criticized Trump “Encouraging” Vladimir Putin to Invade NATO Countries, the defense budget is less than two percent of GDP. If the Republican Party had a conflict with Russia in February, he would not help these countries because “Bills must be paid“.

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