“Direct victory” in Russia. The first offensive of the Ukrainians [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

The war in Ukraine continues. Monday was the 838th day of the Russian invasion. A Ukrainian warplane directly hit a target on the Russian border for the first time, Sky News reported, citing a Ukrainian military source. – Although damage assessment is still ongoing, the attack has been confirmed as a direct hit. The interlocutor of the station said that this was the first SZU munition fired from the air at a target on Russian territory. He said a “command post in the Belgorod region” had been hit. “It is unknown what type of ammunition was used – Western or Ukrainian weapons,” we read. Sky News notes that the defenders have repeatedly struck targets deep behind the front lines with drones, but the use of a military aircraft may be perceived by the Kremlin as a “new cause of escalation”. Follow Virtualna Polska’s live coverage.

Very important information

Russia is expanding its recruitment of troops fighting against Ukraine to countries in the Global South, particularly Africa, to fill personnel losses and sustain an offensive without the need to mobilize in the country, Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced on Monday.

In the last week 2,733.06 hectares of land were demined in Ukraine. Demining teams of the State Special Transport Service found, removed and neutralized 3,212 explosive devices.

His words are quoted against the background of the fact that there is a labor shortage in Ukraine. Of course, the return of Ukrainians from abroad may contribute to solving the problem, Shultze added, but added that another problem is the recognition in Ukraine of new qualifications obtained abroad.

Ramzan Kadyrov says that the Akhmato-Chechen brigade occupied the village of Ryshivka in the Sumy region. He said that the “agreement” with the local authorities was “written” within 3 days. However, local officials vehemently deny Kadyrov’s campaign statement. They assure that there are no Russian troops in the village.

– Some of the F-16 fighter jets provided by partners to Ukraine as part of security assistance will be stationed at foreign air bases. All this is to protect the planes against Russian attacks, Serhiy Golubtsov, commander of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said in an interview with Radio Svoboda.

So far, four countries have confirmed the delivery of these aircraft and the number may increase with time, he said.

Authorities of the Kharkiv region handed over 100 drones to the Ukrainian military. The governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleh Sinehupov, says the drones have been handed over to intelligence services.

In its daily report, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided further estimated data on Russia’s losses.

As of February 24, 2022, Russia was set to lose approximately 519,750 soldiers in Ukraine.. ) and 2,267 units of special equipment.

The group Save Ukraine announced that it was able to bring a 17-year-old girl from Russia to Ukraine. They shared the video of the teenager on social media.

Another child has returned from Russia: 17-year-old Ilona is happy at home. Despite many difficult challenges, the Save Ukraine team managed to do their best, and the abducted girl finally returned to her native Ukrainian soil. She is going to meet her mother,” we read in the description.

Ursula von der Leyen, the EPP candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, after the European People’s Party once again became the largest force in the European Parliament. Announced the “Broad Majority for a Stronger Europe” framework And he said he would do it with “pro-European, pro-Ukrainian and rule-of-law forces”.

– From tomorrow, I will resume this work – stressed Ursula van der Leyen.

A limited policy change by the Biden administration allowed Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied weapons to attack some Russian military targets in a small area of ​​Russian territory, reducing the occupier’s safe space zone by only 16%. – According to the latest ISW analysis.

Over the past week, security forces have destroyed 8,700 invaders and 1,459 weapons and military equipment, Ukrainian ground forces commander Oleksandr Pavlyuk said on social media. He attached a map detailing Russian losses estimated by the Ukrainians.

In the last day, the Russians launched 18 attacks, including drone strikes, on six municipalities in Sumy Oblast.

“The Russian attack on Kharkov has stopped,” said Jack Sullivan. He pointed out that this happened because the Ukrainians were “shooting across the border”.

There were reports in the media about the attack in Crimea. The Russians must close the bridge. Residents report explosions.

The Institute for War Studies says the change in US policy, while a step in the right direction, is not enough and will not deter large-scale Russian activity.

According to “Ukrainska Pravda”, a resident of Kiev threw a grenade at the facade of a multi-storey building. The grenade bounced off the building, fell to the ground and exploded.

Car traffic is temporarily prohibited on the Crimean Bridge.

Residents reported hearing a series of explosions in the towns of Yevpatoria and Krasnoperekopsk in occupied Crimea.


According to “Ukraińska Pravda”, the aggressors have blocked the Crimean bridge, social networking sites are reporting explosions in Crimea.

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