A surprising graphic on the profile of a human rights defender

An IDF soldier’s shoe (Israeli Defense Forces – ed.) crushes a cockroach resembling a Palestinian (it could be Hamas commander Mohammed Taif) – such a graphic was posted by Israeli Orson Ostrovsky on his profile on the X platform. Human Rights Defender, President of the International Law Forum (ILF).

IDF soldier crushes a cockroach

Arsen Ostrovsky is an Israeli lawyer and human rights defender, president of the International Law Forum (ILF), who describes himself as a “proud Zionist” in his presentation on Platform X and regularly comments on social media about the effects of Palestinian Hamas. Attack on Israel.

However, one of the graphics he posted caused considerable controversy — and not just because of what Ostrovsky does professionally.

This! [To!]

– he wrote on the X platform, attaching a drawing of an IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldier’s boot stomping on a cockroach resembling a Palestinian (presumably Hamas commander Mohammed Taif).

Nazi Germany’s propaganda against the Jews

Although the actions of Hamas are undoubtedly worthy of condemnation and punishment, the painting published by the lawyer caused much controversy.

In the opinion of many Internet users, the graphics resemble German Nazi propaganda, which often dehumanized Jews, lice and cockroaches, sometimes as pests such as rats or, for example, causing the spread of dangerous diseases.

Therefore, it seems totally inappropriate to publish such graphics by a lawyer, human rights defender and Israeli citizen.


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