Details of the Biden-Netanyahu conversation. It was the President of the United States who advised the Israeli leader

Joe Biden speaks to Benjamin Netanyahu after Iran attacks Israel. The US president reportedly advised the Israeli prime minister to “think very carefully about your response”. He emphasized that he does not want the conflicts to escalate.

Saturday to Sunday night Iran shot at Israel More than 300 drones and rockets. Iran's leaders, who decided to launch such an open attack for the first time in history, said it was in retaliation for Israeli shelling. Consular mission in Syria.

According to Israeli media reports, 99 percent of the missiles and drones were intercepted. Only a few bullets went through Security system.

Joe Biden advises Israel after Iran attack

In repelling the attack America supported Israel. However, Joe Biden announced that similar assistance would not be provided if Israel decided to resort to military action In response to this attack.

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A presidential administration official said this Joe Biden discussed it in detail occurred The situation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US president advised Israel “Thought very carefully” Your reaction to the attack.

The official added that the US has repeatedly emphasized that They want to avoid a wider conflict and increased aggression.

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Conversation between Biden and Netanyahu It happened immediately after the attack. The two leaders discussed “how to de-escalate the situation”. The leaders spoke earlier only a week ago. Biden then declared support in the face of Iranian threats, but at the same time appealed for an end to attacks on Gaza.

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