Damage caused by heavy hail in Poland. Supercell storms brought up to 4.5cm of hail to weather fans

Severe hail damage in Poland. Strong winds uprooted trees and damaged power poles.

Last night, heavy hailstorm lashed the province. West Pomeranian and Pomeranian. Unfortunately, they caused considerable damage. Due to the severe storm, trees fell, floods and floods, but power lines were damaged. The storms were accompanied by more electrical activity. Also, after a short while heavy storm rains caused flooding in the surrounding areas of Kosal. Today, the hailstorms make themselves felt again in the second half.

In some regions, hailstorms were recorded so severe that they caused damage, damaging buildings or cars, damaging lights and vehicle windows. Wind velocities are estimated to have reached 60-90 km/h at some places, although this is not confirmed by the data sent from the IMGW station, as the effects of point winds during thunderstorms are very specific. The telemetry and radar data of IMGW-PIB show that the amount of rainfall in the storms has reached 30-35 mm in the northwest of our country. The heaviest rainfall occurred at the KOŁOBRZEG-DŹWIRZYNO synoptic station, where a rainfall gauge of 31.5 mm was measured, but the rainfall was likely due to the highly uneven nature of locally convective rainfall.

As a result of heavy hail, roads in West Pomerania were whitened. Wednesday is another day in our part of Europe where there are serious storm events.

Number of CG evacuations – total 24 hours in Poland.

Strong storms in the country

Number of CG+IC discharges

Heavy storms over Poland
Severe storms in the country

Heavy storms have again formed in the previously mentioned area

Today, there are still conditions for the formation of violent storms, which, according to forecasts, have formed in the southwest and partly in the center of our country. Strong hail was again recorded, e.g. Obol and its surroundings. The slow movement of thunderstorms can be conducive to a large accumulation of precipitation, which can even reach 10-30, and in places up to 45 mm. The latter part of the day saw an increase in convective activity, and strong storms are forecast for the evening and night hours Wednesday through Thursday.

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Satellite image in the visible spectrum at 19:00 local time according to Geospatial Satellite with Lightning for Poland

Heavy hailstorm in the country
Heavy hail in Poland

Atmospheric discharges were recorded in Poland today from 17:00 to 19:00 official time

Strong hail and changeable weather in Poland
Heavy hail in Poland last night, as well as the second part today.

Strong hail is still possible in Poland

The next night promises to be partly cloudy and cloudy. Mostly west, south-west and partly central, thundershowers are likely. Rainfall in storms is up to 35 mm, while in the Sudeten Hills it is locally up to 45 mm. 2-3 cm in places with thundershowers. At some places in the south of the country, after the rains, there will be fog, visibility will be around 300-400m in most of the area. It could be another tropical night. Because thermometers will show 20 ° C, 21 ° C in the middle and in the east of the country in the coldest part at night. Only in the eastern and southern parts of the south-eastern country, the wind is weak and varies with the predominance of northerly directions. During storms, wind speeds of 70-80 kmph are expected. We recommend tracking radar data and lightning detectors online.


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