Czech Republic: Shooting at Prague University. Many deaths

A shooting took place at a university in Prague. As a result of the shelling, many were killed and dozens were injured. The square and streets around the university were closed. Czech police said the attacker was “eliminated”. As Polsat News found out, the situation arose at the Faculty of Polish Studies.

According to Polsad News, the shooting took place at the Faculty of Polish Studies at Charles University, located on Jan Balach Square. According to preliminary information Several people were killed and dozens injured in the firing. The exact identity of the victims is yet to be revealed.

Czech newspaper Deník N reported 11 people killed and 30 injured, but police have yet to confirm these figures. The condition of the injured varied from serious to mild.

Shooting in Prague. Police action continues

Czech police were informed around 4 p.m Attacker “destroyed”. He added that the entire university was being evacuated.

Citizens are asked to stay away and not come out of their homes immediately. Police intervention is still ongoing,” the Czech police wrote on their social media.

Balacha Square and several streets around the university were closed due to the incident. Charles University is located in the Old Town of Prague, about 500 meters from the historic Charles Bridge – which attracts many tourists.

Reuters has obtained an email sent by university officials. Content says there is a shooter in one of the buildings. “Don’t move, don’t go anywhere, if you are in the office, lock it and put the furniture in front of the door, turn off the light.” – was written in the email.

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University shooting. The Home Affairs Minister appealed to the residents

According to media reports, a rescue helicopter has been dispatched to the scene. A dramatic rescue operation is underway, and new ambulances keep arriving. Footage showing the panicked crowd started circulating on the internet. Tourists and residents could be seen fleeing nearby streets and the Charles Bridge. It also appeared Photo of students being expelledIt shows students running with arms raised.

The Czech Interior Minister intervened in the case. He appealed to citizens not to disturb the work of uniformed officers. “I want to reassure the public that they are not in immediate danger. The identity of the second shooter has not been confirmed“- Denik N. as quoted by the Czech portal.

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