Councilor to spy for the Russians. His son and daughter helped him

Information gained through intelligence can even turn the tide of war. Perhaps the Ukrainian councilor and his children did not share this level of knowledge.

However, the decision to hand over the locations of Ukrainian military units to the Russians was a betrayal. This information may have cost the lives of dozens of Ukrainian defenders.

The SBU detained the deputy of one of the local councils of Khmelnytskyi Oblast and his children. All of them are suspected of collaborating with Russian services – we read in the post of Belchat agency on the X platform.

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A Ukrainian councilor and his children spied for Russia

An elderly woman and her children were arrested red-handed. The Ukrainian services revealed what information they had to provide to the enemy.

According to the SBU, the woman and her 42-year-old son and 37-year-old daughter, ordered by the FSB, tried to find the locations and operational routes of the mobile anti-aircraft firefighting teams protecting the region. The family also searched for places with a lot of ZSU soldiers, equipment and ammunition depots – we read in Belsat’s post on Platform X.

The SBU also revealed how the Ukrainian family operated for the Russians. It was revealed that they were driving a car pretending to be traveling.

In order to obtain intelligence information, the perpetrators drove around the territory of the oblast in their own car, pretending to go on a family vacation. This time, they took photos of the objects and placed pins on Google Maps. Belsat said on stage X that the family was detained during surveillance.

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