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Free Russian media Residents were informed of mysterious phone calls they were receiving of Moscow. Men claiming to be employees and representatives Ministry of Defence They warn you not to let go Children from their homes at night. The cause is said to be the return from the front The Wagnerians.

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Mysterious calls to residents of Moscow

Anonymous phone calls were made to Moscow residents, among others, Mr. Russian channel the foundation In Telegram. On Tuesday, January 24, information on complaints received by Moscow authorities was published. Citizens reported receiving mysterious calls from men claiming to be police officers and representatives of the Ministry of Defense. Major Solovyov must be among them.

During the talks, Moscow residents were given warnings against the Wagner group fighters who started to return to their homeland from the Ukrainian front. They were punished in the past. Murder, rape and pedophilia. Thanks to Yevgeny Prigozhin, they were released to participate in the protest, for which they were promised a reduced sentence.

Leaving children out past 7pm is dangerous

Service According to reports, he spoke to many people who received mysterious calls. All the calls had more or less the same content: the callers introduced themselves PolicemenWagner then warned that militants from the group were returning to the area Russia And he urged them to talk to their children about it so that they would be more careful. They also advised not to go out alone after dark.

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A call was answered by activist Alexey Shychkov. In an interview with an independent portal, he admitted that he felt like he was talking to a robot. The caller identified himself as a juvenile officer. – He asked me: “Do you have children?”, I answered that we are not in Russia. However, he went on to say: Regarding this War Shychkov reports that the prisoners who fought for the Wagner group have been pardoned and will now be released from service. The “officer” then said it was dangerous to let kids out after 7pm and hung up.

According to, similar messages also appeared on Telegram channels associated with the Wagner group. Canal Wagner Orchestra It says the Armed Forces Information and Psychological Operations Center will take over. Ukraine. However, this information is not confirmed. Russian services are trying to trace the callers. However, US media indicate that Russian officials are also concerned about the Wagnerians’ return to the country.

The Wagnerians begin to withdraw from the Ukrainian front

Wagner Group has been operating as a military mercenary services provider with Russia since 2014. Interview. The organization, which is not fully legally constituted, acts on behalf of the Kremlin in places it cannot enter Army Russian. Wagnerians are fighting on the side of Russia in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Chairman of the Committee Evgeny Prigoginecalled “Cook Putin“, decided to recruit convicts in prisons and penal colonies into the war corps. murderers, rapists and murderers. Having already completed a 6-month contract on the Ukrainian front, the Wagnerians have begun to return to Russia.

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