Congress conveniently blames 'fin problem' for irrelevance: BJP | India News

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Thursday offered a wise rebuttal to Congress' claim that its accounts were frozen by the Income Tax department due to political vendetta, saying the opposition party, which fears defeat, is shouting against Indian democracy and institutions. The ruling party also justified the move to recover taxes due from them. Congress.
“The people will face complete rejection of the Congress, and fearing a historic defeat, their top leadership spoke at a press conference and spoke out loudly against Indian democracy and institutions. They conveniently blame their own irrelevance on.”financial problems'. “In fact, their bankruptcy is moral and intellectual, not financial,” the BJP president said. JP Nadda.
Senior BJP leader and MP Ravi Shankar Prasad at Mallikarjun Kharge's press conference said, Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi held the press conference in complete despair over defeat and creating an excuse today. “Congress has failed to file tax returns for years, and the IT department's move to recover is justified,” Prasad said.
The BJP functionary also said: “How much will Rahul lie?… Please apologize for criticizing institutions.”
Prasad alleged that the Congress did not file income tax returns in time, leading to the freezing of his account with the aim of extracting political gains by playing the victim card.
Nadda said that instead of correcting their mistakes, Congress blames the authorities for their problems. “Be it ITAT or Delhi HC, they asked Congress to abide by the rules, pay the taxes due, but the party never did so,” he said.
The BJP president said that for a party that has plundered from every sector, in every state and at every moment of history, talking about fiscal deficit is laughable. “Congress can use the money accumulated from all their scams ranging from jeepney scam to Bofors helicopter scam in their election campaigns,” Nadda said.
He said that “part-time leaders” in Congress say that India being a democracy is a lie. “May I humbly remind them that India was only democratic for a few months between 1975 and 1977 and the Prime Minister at that time was none other than Mrs. Indira Gandhi,” Nadda said, recalling the two-year phase when a state of emergency was imposed in the country. .

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