Artificial intelligence at the forefront. The Russians are rubbing their eyes, the drone has done its job

Each war brings many breakthrough technological innovations. We have been observing this kind of arms race since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. For many weapons companies, combat is an opportunity to test the effectiveness of a given weapon. Often very innovative.

So, somewhat underrated drones are at the forefront of the Ukrainian battlefield. It was with their help that the Ukrainians were able to find and eliminate Russian targets again and again. It is thanks to them that we have seen many acts of sabotage on Russian territory. To be fair, the aggressor also uses them.

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Over time, drones began to become one of the basic components of the equipment of both armies. Not only Western countries, but also Russia made big purchases. The technical race continues, and for now the Ukrainian Armed Forces seem to be one step ahead of the enemy.

ZSU experts introduce more and more modifications to drones. One of them included artificial intelligence, which was significantly developed at this point. This allowed for greater accuracy of attacks, but also for their greater range. And hitting targets that a human would struggle to hit.

The Ukrainian military decided to share one of its videos showing an AI-assisted drone. At some point, if the preview is lost, we can observe how the artificial intelligence guides him towards the goal. The effect was to destroy the Russian tank and disable it. In other words: destruction.

This film may be one of the first examples of such use of artificial intelligence On the battlefield. It could also be a harbinger of upcoming changes on the Ukrainian front. Once again, irreplaceable drones may play an important role, at least for some time. And ZSU players have proven time and time again that they are good at it.

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