CIA expert on German counterintelligence specialists. This is about Russia

John Seiber, a former CIA agent and now a Secret Service specialist, called German counterintelligence experts “arrogant, incompetent, bureaucratic and ineffective.” In his opinion, one gets the impression that the Germans were too soft on Russia because “they were afraid that they would learn something they did not want to see.” In his estimation, the German secret services are not reliable partners when it comes to Russia.

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In an interview with the German weekly magazine “Focus”, John Siffer described his professional experience working with German colleagues connected to Russia. He estimated that German agents were not as active against Russian services as other European services.

German agents are held back by politicians reluctant to admit that Putin is up to something nefarious. So German spies stuck their heads in the sand. The investigators of the Federal Intelligence Service working in the Russian division are completely useless. They helped much less than other Europeans. “I don’t remember a single time when cooperation with Germany worked,” Seiber said.

As he estimated, one could get the impression that the Germans were afraid of learning something they did not want to see. “Because they have to do something. They know the president’s office and the government don’t want it,” the expert said, stressing that he had heard similar comments from colleagues from other countries.

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“For example, when there were voices from other countries that Russia was a growing threat, German analysts and leading figures – often from the BND – almost always responded with great arrogance, claiming that they understood the Russians better than anyone else. The rest of us are filled with anti-Russian prejudices,” He said.

The expert also assessed that “German secret services are underfunded and highly bureaucratic.”

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