Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral


In his homily, Ayn Greenshields, head of the Church of Scotland, highlighted the “deep bonds” that Queen Elizabeth II has unleashed with the state and its people, during a prayer and reflection for the Queen at St Giles’ Cathedral on Monday.

In Scotland, he said, “We gratefully acknowledge her deep ties to our land and people. Her love for Balmoral is well known and being there at last has brought her great comfort,” he said.

“There she was valued as a neighbor and friend, and there she drew strength and refreshment during the summer months,” he added.

“She was active in Scotland’s civil life and traveled throughout the country supporting many causes, receiving guests at Holyrood Palace, and presiding over ceremonial events, many of which took place in this chapel,” said Greenshields, adding the moment when the Queen was awarded the Scottish crown. In 1953.

Her links with the Scottish churches were also deep and enduring. Supreme Ruler of the Church of England, she prayed in the Church of Scotland at the North of the Frontier at Canongate Kirk and especially at Krathie Kirk where she took her seat every Sunday morning, and was only recently prevented from doing so because of weakness.”

Greenshields is the current mediator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

And near the end of the service he sang the national anthem, God save the King.

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