China wants to talk about peace in Ukraine. “Conditions not met”

Chinese officials will not attend the Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland. Organizers were keen on their presence as China is one of Russia’s closest allies. Earlier, officials in Beijing supported the idea of ​​the meeting, but “the conditions for their participation were not met.”

“China has confirmed it will not participate in a peace conference in Switzerland next month,” Reuters reported, citing four sources.

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Beijing rejected the invitation because “The conditions for their participation were not met“, that is, the presence of the Ukrainian and Russian sides. The delegation from Moscow was not invited to the first meetings.

A peace conference without China. What about Joe Biden?

Peace Conference To be held on June 15-16 In Switzerland. From the beginning, the organizers tried to get representatives of China, Russia’s main ally, to appear there.

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Earlier in the week, a spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy Both Russia and China supported the idea of ​​a design acceptable to both countries. – The first country we talked to – after Ukraine, of course – is Russia, because the peace process will not take place without Russia, even if it was not at the first meeting, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignacio Cassis assured.

But still Officials in Kiev do not want to cooperate with MoscowUntil the initial principles of a future peace treaty are accepted. They have already expressed disappointment that the Chinese delegation will not participate in the meeting.

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That too is unknown Will US President Joe Biden attend the talks?. According to “Bloomberg”, the politician did not want to come because he plans to focus on campaigning before the November presidential election. Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the attitude of the American leader. “With all due respect to everyone in America, because they support us so much: A summit is being organized around the world that requires President Biden’s presence“- he emphasized.

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