England. Migrants ask for help. They gave the letter in a bottle

A woman throws a plastic bottle with a letter over the fence at an immigrant reception center in Manston, England. The card went to the press. In the letter, the migrants sought help and complained about the conditions at the centre. Among them, they emphasize, are many children who “should be in school, not in prison.”

The date on the paper handed over by the girl indicates that the letter was prepared on Monday, October 31st. “Fifty families have been living in this building for 30 days, sick and in difficult conditions. Some are sick” – this is how the beginning of the letter can be translated.

Later in the letter it was reported that among the migrants was a pregnant woman and a child with Down syndrome. According to reports, they are not getting the medical help they need and are being given painkillers at the center only with paracetamol. “Our food is so bad that we get sick afterwards” – write the emigrants. They also complain about not having access to phones or cigarettes.

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Migrants ask for help

The letter said there were many children at the Manston reception centre. “They should be in school, not in prison” – the editors of the magazine addressed “journalists, organizations, everyone”. “We want to talk to you, but they don’t let us out. (…) We really need your help, please help” – they add.

As the BBC reported, on Wednesday, November 2, a group of children ran away from the guards guarding the migrants and fell under the center’s fence. Among them was a woman, wearing a gray sweatshirt, with a bottle in her hand. When she reached the fence, she tossed it over the other side into the hands of a photographer from PA Media. Inside was a letter.

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A girl holding out a bottle to journalistsGareth Fuller / PA Images / Forum

Crisis at Manston Center for Migrants

British media reported that the situation occurred in Kent in the south England Montson’s reception center gets heavy. The resort has been packed with people for weeks. According to the BBC, it has a capacity of up to 1.6 thousand. The center currently houses 4,000 people. People. An anonymous man who left the center after 24 days told the portal that services and staff treat migrants “like animals”. According to his reports, people are forced to sleep on the floor and are denied access to the toilet, shower or outside.

Manston, a former military base, was converted into a center for migrants who arrived on the English coast in February. In theory, newcomers should spend at most a few days there to undergo identity and security checks and then be transferred to specialized hotels. But due to confusion in the center, procedures take more time. The situation worsened last weekend when more than 700 migrants from Dover were brought to Manston. A failed assassination attempt. On Tuesday, the British Minister for Migration, Robert Jenrick, promised that the number of people in Monston would gradually decrease this week.

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Main photo source: Gareth Fuller / PA Images / Forum

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