China is fighting against Covid-19. UK company: 5,000 people die every day from the disease | World news

China In early December, they eased their “zero covid” policy. However, according to experts, it will lead to the death of one million people. The predictions given by the British company Airfinity are shocking.

More than 5,000 people die in China every day. Covid-19 patients?

Reuters Company Referring to forecasts produced by British company Airfinity, which deals with creating analyzes and forecasts for health sector decision-makers, China reports almost every day on the contagion. Corona virus More than 5,000 people die. He adds that the country’s current epidemiological situation “is in dramatic contrast to official data from Beijing”.

According to the Chinese Public Health Commission, there have been no deaths due to the coronavirus infection. At last only “2966 new local symptomatic cases” were registered.

In the material produced by the Reuters agency, we read that the British company Airfinity “used modeling based on data from China” in its predictions, which indicated that “the number of COVID-19 infections in China exceeded one million each day”.

China. Consequences of deregulation

In early December China It has decided to relax the restrictions on International distribution Corona virus. The zero-covid policy, which led to long lockdowns and house arrests, was abandoned after the wave swept across the country. objections.

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Is China starting to shrink in terms of population? We ask an expert

However, according to experts, China Not ready for these changes. Why? Because the country has failed to increase vaccination rates for the elderly.

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On Monday, Eric Feigel-Ding, an epidemiologist at Harvard University, wrote about the effects of loosening restrictions on social media. According to him, Chinese Hospitals It’s already overcrowded, and as proof, he posted a video showing the overcrowding of a hospital room. The epidemiologist predicts that the death toll could reach “millions” in the future.

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