British media: The night before Prince Philip’s funeral on Downing Street

Spokesperson Boris Johnson Then the Prime Minister said he was not there Downing Street, This is because he was at the Checkers Country House outside London from Thursday night until Saturday, but did not conflict with information provided by the Daily Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, the events took place on Friday April 16, 2021 Arrangements were made for the departure of two staff members, Director of Communications James Slack and one of the Prime Minister’s photographers. Initially, they were conducted separately – the latter The foundation of the building, In a poorly ventilated room, i.e., in conditions Corona virus Spreads easily – but at midnight the two get together into a garden party Downing Street. There were a total of 30 people there then.

The Daily Telegraph quotes witnesses, including those who attended the event, as saying that at one point there was a fear of an alcohol shortage, so someone went to a nearby supermarket and brought a few bottles of wine. Suitcase. In turn, participants in the basement party complained that they poured too much wine on the carpet while they were dancing. Then, when they all went to the garden, one of the staff came Downing Street Stepped on the swing of the newborn son’s children Boris Johnson Break it down. The banquet was to end after midnight from Friday to Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph recalled that the then government guidelines Closed rooms are not allowed to meet for social purposes, and it is possible to have up to six or two families in the open, including support bubbles and home gardens, except for your own family members or invitees.

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This is another case that has been exposed by the media in recent weeks Downing Street, Other ministries or the Conservative Party headquarters held community meetings, informal parties or parties held during Govt restrictions when banned, but since 2021. April, May, November and December 2020. Some of them are under investigation by high-ranking civil servant Sue Grave.

But as the Daily Telegraph emphasizes, the context is very important in the recent case – a reminder that, in accordance with government regulations, the royal family must limit the number. Only 30 people attended Prince Philip’s funeral, And one of the most moving scenes was that of Queen Elizabeth, sitting alone in the church at Windsor Castle, due to her policies of social exclusion.

The queen sat alone in mourning. Like many in those days, with personal trauma and a commitment to obeying the rules for the national good. I have no words for the culture and behavior at No. 10 (10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s seat – BAP), for which the Prime Minister is responsible, “said Angela Rainer, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party.

“The Queen, who sits alone in mourning the loss of her husband, is the film that defines Lockdown. She is mourning alone, not because she’s the Queen, but because she was a different person. When she was in mourning, the No. 10 party. Wrote.

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