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“Permanent control of Gerson and its transport links will increase Russia’s offensive in the north and west and enhance the security of Russia’s control over Crimea,” the UK Defense Ministry wrote in a recent report.

As the ministry points out, since the Kherson occupation in early March, Russia has been “trying to legalize its control over the city and surrounding areas by establishing a pro-Russian administration”.

It included a statement that “the administration’s latest statements make it impossible for Ukraine to regain control,” and that the Russians had announced a four-month currency conversion from the Ukrainian hryvnia to the Russian ruble, which was to be introduced. Kherson, “British intelligence analysts wrote on Twitter.

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As the ministry points out, Russia is probably trying to “exert strong political and economic influence on Gershon in the long run.”

Ukraine closes four ports

Ukrainian authorities have decided to close the port in Gershon, as well as in Berdyansk, Mariupol and Skodovsk. The decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is valid until these areas are liberated from Russian occupation.

The ports have been closed due to inability to handle passengers, reloading, acceptance of transport and other economic activities, the ministry said in a statement. In addition, as pointed out, due to the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian authorities are currently unable to ensure the required level of shipping protection and environmental protection.

Missile attack on Odessa. The runway at the airport was destroyed

The southern part of Ukraine is on fire with Russia. On Saturday, the recently opened runway at Odessa Airport in southern Ukraine was destroyed in a rocket attack. Ukrainian officials have announced that the airport will be rebuilt soon.

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– The runway at Odessa Airport was destroyed. We will certainly recreate it, but Odessa will not forget the actions of the Russians, he said. President Ukraine, Volodymyr Zhelensky in his evening speech.

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According to Ukrainian officials, Russian rockets fired at the airport were launched from the Crimean peninsula. No one was injured in the attack.

Hennadi Druchanov, Mayor of Odessa, recalled that the design and construction of the modern runway took 10 years. It officially opened in July last year.

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“Thanks to the airport expansion, we expect a large number of tourists from all over the world. ந்தBandal. Instead, we got a missile attack, ”Hennadi Truchenov wrote on Facebook.

He announced that the runway would be rebuilt and that Odessa would be ready to receive tourists after the war.

On April 23, during a Russian missile attack on Odessa, a missile struck a 15-story apartment building. Fire. At least eight people were killed and 18 were injured.

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