A mysterious illness on a cruise ship. Passengers are trapped on board

12 day cruise Aboard the Norwegian Don Started on February 13 City end in South Africa and was scheduled to end on Sunday, February 25 Port Louis In Mauritius.

However, the ship reached the coast Paradise Island The day before the deadline. The crew decided to change the cruise plan and not stop at nearby Reunion Island.

Mysterious illness on cruise ship

All because of a mysterious illness that afflicted 15 people on board. The ship's owner reported that the guests had stomach symptoms.

However, this did not appease the Mauritian authorities, who – fearing the spread of the mysterious infection – refused to allow the ship to enter the port. As a result, the ship carrying more than two thousand passengers got stuck near the islandAnd the passengers were unable to get off.

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“A decision has been taken to deny cruise ship access to the ship Avoid health hazards. The health and safety of passengers, as well as the entire country, is of utmost importance to us,” Mauritian authorities said in a statement.

Sick passengers They were isolated On the ship. Tests were also conducted to explain what was wrong with them. Suspicion on board A cholera epidemic may have occurred.

On Monday, it was reported that the tests did not detect cholera bacteria. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of Health in Mauritius, Dr. Booshun Ori The passenger had a viral gastrointestinal infection And they are “completely cured”.

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The ship docked at the port

So the ship can finally dock at the portAnd the passengers will probably disembark on Tuesday.

By now, the situation has become problematic not only for the stranded passengers but also for those who have bought tickets for the next journey which was scheduled to start on Sunday. They cannot climb.

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Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that passengers waiting for their cruises are safe Free hotel accommodation Until they board.

Mauritian authorities are “playing it safe” because since January 2023, it has been detected in seven countries in South Africa. More than 188 thousand cases of cholera infection. Three thousand people died from this disease. Zambia is the country most affected by cholera in Africa.

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