Brazil. He lost the race and shot dead seven people. It is in the hands of the police

The massacre took place at a bar in the city of Sinop in Mato Grosso state in west-central Brazil. The shooter was identified as 30-year-old Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira. His colleague was 27-year-old Ezequias Souza Ribeiro, the Daily Star reported.

De Oliveira, according to the police report He lost a game of billiards to one of his victims and lost 4,000 rai (PLN 3,500). Then he came to retaliate – but lost again.

This decision made the audience laugh A man in his 30s went to his car to retrieve a gun. At that moment, 27-year-old Ribeiro took out a pistol and organized everyone in the game room into one place.

Then Edgar returned with a gun and shot seven people. Closed circuit television captured the moment of the massacre. Men save a woman.

Warning!: A harsh post

According to investigators, after killing the citizens, the men fled the city They took refuge in rural areas.

Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) was sent to find them. And a team of civil and military police was formed to arrest them. The police recovered the gun and the car used in the incident.

Ribeiro, 27, was caught in a forest area 15 km from the town where the murder took place. During the hunt, there was a confrontation between him and the police. The man was beaten and died in hospital.

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After consulting with a lawyer, the 30-year-old convict made his decision Alone Complain to the police. A video of his arrest was released on Thursday.

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