Were there FSB officers at Crocus City Hall? A shocking media discovery

For several days, NEXTA's Belarusian editorial office has been analyzing photos and videos taken during the last attack in Krasnogorsk. From the beginning, the special attention of journalists was drawn to the men in blue. They had to make eye contact with each other and then call for all exits to be closed, thus increasing the number of victims.

The rest of the article is below the video

The main criterion followed by NEXTA journalists is the blue uniforms of potential officers. As the authors of the investigation pointed out, this way the agents could identify each other without losing their anonymity and civilian character.

A similar blue outfit also appeared after the attack. The attackers were worn by officers who arrested them hours later. Also important evidence is the interview of the hero who single-handedly incapacitated one of the terrorists during the attack. He is wearing the same suit and hat as one of the arresting officers, although his back is turned.

Although this evidence is not entirely reliable, the fact is almost indisputable. It is about one of the men whose face was not destroyed during the attack. As the journalists showed, he is very similar to the winner of the arm wrestling competition at Chechensky sports center, the headquarters of Russian intelligence.

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