Beer is more expensive and tastes worse. The reason lies in the hops

A new study published by the scientific journal Nature shows that the quality and quantity of hops will change as the climate changes. These factors are variable Impact on beer taste and price in the future. Beer is the beverage – after water and tea – most frequently and most enthusiastically consumed around the world. The tradition of beer brewing in Central Europe dates back at least to the Neolithic (3500-3100 BC).

Scientists responsible for preparing an analysis of the future of hops predict that yields of this important plant for brewing beer will continue to decline over the next 27 years – harvest reductions will initially be several percent, and by 2050 it will be approximately 18 percent.

The reasons for the changes in crops are high temperatures and frequent droughts in Europe. Weather conditions also affect content AlphaAcids in hops, and they give beer its characteristic taste and smell – scientists say. A hop is a plant Sensitive to changing weather conditionsChanges in the amount of sunlight, temperature differences and water levels etc.

Co-authors of the study from the Czech Academy of Sciences say that beer consumers will definitely notice the differences caused by global warming. They are visible in the price and taste of the drink. According to the authors of the analysis These changes are inevitable. Only breeders can Identifying crops in high altitude areas and developing special irrigation systems – Scientists suggest.

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Researchers are already observing a significant decline in hop production in European countries. The biggest decline in average annual hop yield was recorded in Slovenia – it was almost 19.5%. In Germany, the world’s second largest hop producer, the hop harvest also fell by 19%.

Industrial agriculture One of the major sectors responsible for current climate change.

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