Atrocities of soldiers in their own country. Mass rape – o2

Ukraine’s security service continues to intercept talks with Russian invaders Evidence for their myriad war crimes. After committing atrocities in Ukraine, they commit numerous crimes in their own country.

Rape cases are on the rise in Russia

According to the talks, the number of rapes in the Belgorod region adjacent to Ukraine has increased significantly, which is used as a transport point for the Russian armed forces. Women en masse seek out the police.

We have a lot of arrests on charges of rape in the prosecutor’s office … especially in the cities of WaƂujki, Urazowo, Viejdelewka – said the wife of a Russian military officer who works for Russian law enforcement agencies.

The rapes are carried out by Russian soldiers

The soldier in Ukraine was shocked to hear that. He warned his wife not to paint the eyebrows and nails at home. – Just homework. After dark, do not leave the house and go anywhere – says the soldier.

According to the woman, mass rapes often occur due to the high circulation of soldiers in the area. Some of them return to their cities via Belgorod, and some are later taken to Ukraine. “Mother says Vladivostok, Gandhi-Mansisk, Caucasia came to see them …” the woman explained.

“Russians suffer from their own military”

The woman told the terrifying story of a woman who was raped by fifteen soldiers who had become acquainted with soldiers of the Russian Federation. – So we can see the Russians suffering from their own military – writes SBU.

We wonder how a woman from a previously interrupted conversation, who forced her husband to rape a Ukrainian woman, would react to such a dangerous trend, Ukrainian services noted.

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