Host, dog supper. He is an Instagram star, he won a medal for Zelensky

A decoration on behalf of Host (His name in Polish Cartridge) Retrieved from Zelensky by its owner and custodian – sapper Mikhail Ilyev. It happened in the presence of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin TrudeauWho arrived in Kiev on Sunday. The animal was even “given” to the head of the Canadian government.

The host is a dog breed Jack-Russell Terrier. In recent months, he has become known for his participation in Ukraine and abroad Demining in the Chernihiv region. This animal specializes in searching mines. – When he finds out, he starts digging. Then he gets a treat, and Supper enters his job – his guardian Suspilne told the portal.

Mykhailo Ilyev is a Ukrainian supper Emergency service In the Chernihiv region. His host has an Instagram profile. He too was immortal on that day Mural at Rivney And in many children’s drawings.

Rescue crews also created educational videos that advise children and adults on what safety rules to follow in the areas where they are located. Ammunition and mines.

As emphasized by the Emergency Services Service, ammunition is a major threat to Russian shelling and fighting areas and suppliers are still a problem to fight. At least several years after the war ended.


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