Another wave of attacks on Europe. “Moscow has very specific goals”

Disinformation attacks from Russia are on the rise June is associated with the European elections.

– We are being crushed by Russian propaganda – French Minister for European Affairs Jean-Noel Barot was concerned. Jean-Noël Barrot emphasized that the Kremlin has recently been conducting regular disinformation campaigns against France.

Examples of Russian propaganda activities in France include: Internet rumors that Ukrainian refugees increase the risk of tuberculosis infection in France. In addition A fake website has been created that resembles the website of the French Ministry of Defense Call to the French to volunteer to fight in Ukraine.

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Russian propaganda targeting other EU countries

In February, a special Viginum unit operating in France took down the Russian Portal Kombat network, which was said to be spreading pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

We monitor disinformation threats from abroad And any attempt at manipulation that threatens the vital interests of our country – said Herve Letoqueux, Chief Operating Officer of Vignium.

Belgium's Prime Minister Alexandre de Groove and Czech Republic's Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced the discovery by Belgian and Czech services. Attempts to bribe EU politicians and officials.

Belgian services confirmed the existence of pro-Russian networks operating in several European countries, including Belgium. According to our services, Moscow has very specific goals. That is, helping elect pro-Russian candidates to the European Parliament and reinforcing a pro-Russian narrative in EU institutions. The Russians also want to weaken European support for Ukraine, which enables them to carry out military operations, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croux said on April 12.

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