“Everyone contributed.” Shocking words about the war in Ukraine [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Ukraine's and Poland's attorneys general, Andriy Kostin and Adam Bodnar, issued a joint appeal on Friday appealing to Ukrainians living in Poland to testify about Russian war crimes.

“Today we all have one desire and one goal: victory over the enemy. We know that victory is not final without the victory of justice,” Kostin said in a post posted on the X website.

To restore justice, we need your help – he told Ukrainians who fled their country because of the Russian occupation and stayed in Poland.

“If you have experienced or witnessed Russian war crimes, go to the nearest police station where you are staying,” he appealed. He stressed that all data is important to investigators: testimonies, photographs and records.

Adam Bodner, the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland and a lawyer, appealed to Ukrainians who witnessed such incidents to report their stories to the nearest police station or prosecutor's office.

“By documenting war crimes, thanks to the cooperation of the Polish prosecutor's office with the Ukrainian prosecutor's office, we can get as much evidence as possible to prove Russian aggression, Russian crimes committed in Ukraine and Polish prosecutors who are also responsible for documenting these crimes,” he said. Bodner.

The minister drew attention to Poland's heavy involvement in explaining war crimes in Ukraine. “Poland participates in various investigative committees and tries to help bring justice to the Ukrainian authorities (criminals – PAP) for war crimes,” he said.

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