Another Shahid was found in Romania

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The blast crater and Shahid's scattered remains were found in a farmland 8 km from the town of Brila, 23 km from the border with Ukraine. According to Romanian media, the drone crashed late in the evening on March 28. The incident was reported to the authorities around 9.45 pm. No one was injured in the blast. The area where Shahid fell has been cordoned off and police and military police have been deployed. Investigations are underway at the site.

SZU / New Military Technology

A common crater hit the ground after Shahid was shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense forces.

Last night, no warning was given to the public by the RO-alert system, which unfortunately happened sometimes in similar situations several months ago. According to the Romanian Defense Ministry, the remains of Russian drones were found four times in the border district of Tulcea last year. It is:

  • On September 5, in a forest area near Pluru village,
  • On September 9, again near Pluru village,
  • On September 13, near the town of Nufaru,
  • On the night of December 13-14 in the area of ​​the city of Grind.

The fifth incident, on August 3, 2023, was a low-flying UAV on the territory of Romania and a possible explosion, which was reported by residents of the village of Ceatalchioi, but in this case no remains could be found. No loss of life or property has been reported so far due to the confirmed Shahid fall. After these incidents along the border, authorities opened several hideouts to the public during raids. However, for people to use them, a warning signal must be sent in advance.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the radar tracking systems were unable to detect the objects due to the Russian cameras flying at very low altitudes and the topography of the terrain. These types of technical limitations are characteristic of every radar system, regardless of its level of sophistication. Only a radar placed on an aircraft or aerostat can improve this condition.

In each of the above incidents, the target was port infrastructure in Ismail, a Ukrainian city bordering the Danube River. The port is usually attacked by the Shahids from multiple directions to confuse Ukrainian air defenses. Unfortunately, this results in repeated incursions into Romanian territory.

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