A large American warship appeared in the Baltic Sea. He goes to Sweden

  • The USS Kearsarge crossed the Danish Strait and reached the Baltic Sea on 14 May. It is scheduled to arrive in Stockholm in early June
  • The ship will take part in the annual military exercise with the participation of a total of 20 countries, including NATO countries.
  • The Swedes have a problem with the USS Kearsarge. “It’s too big, we do not know where to put it.”
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The presence of an American ship in the Baltic Sea raises questions about the relationship between this event and the war in Ukraine and Sweden and Finland’s attempts to join NATO. A post appeared on the U.S. Navy’s Twitter profile stating that the ship was in motion Baltic Sea“Working with allies and partners to ensure security and stability in the region.”

Rebecca Landberg, director of the Swedish Navy’s press office, told the “Express” newspaper that the USS Kearsarge Baltops would take part in the military maneuver. “This is an annual exercise that has nothing to do with talks about joining NATO.” Landberg promised.

The USS Kearsarge crossed the Danish Strait and reached the Baltic Sea on 14 May. It is due to arrive near Stockholm on June 3rd.

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Baltop maneuvers have been going on in the Baltic Sea for 50 years. This year, it is planned for June 5-16 in the central and southern part of the Baltic Sea, as well as land training grounds in Poland and Germany. Sweden And the Baltic states.

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However, before that happens, the Swedes are considering what to do with the USS Kearsarge. “It’s too big, we do not know where to put it.” Rebecca Landberg Expressen said.

The ship was one of approximately 50 people taking part in the exercise. Launched in 1992, the USS Kearsarge is 257 meters long and 40 meters wide. On its board, there will be enough space for a large object such as the Culture and Science Palace with its tower.

The USS Kearsarge is one of eight wasp-class landing ships built for the US Navy. They are suitable for the transport and departure of helicopters and are called vertical departure aircraft. These types of ships are used for waterfall attacks, rapid reaction and special purpose operations and non-combat evacuation and other humanitarian missions.

Participated in USS Kearsarge evacuation and offensive operations. In Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan and Libya.

On Tuesday, Sweden’s diplomatic leader Ann Linde signed an application to join the country. For this. The document must be submitted with Finland. The condition for the merger of the two countries was a unanimous vote of NATO and approval by the parliaments of the 30 member states to expand the alliance. The position of Turkey and Hungary may be an obstacle.

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