Andrzej Duda is the most popular politician in Ukraine. He beat Joe Biden [SONDA¯]

Andrzej Duda He was repeatedly called a friend by President Volodymyr Zelensky. The results prove that the Polish leader is liked by the citizens of Ukraine. pollIt was conducted between December 16 and 25, 2022 by InfoSapiens LLC, an opinion poll commissioned by the “Nova Europa” Center.

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Is Andrzej Duda a good president? Kaminski: No

Andrzej Duda is number one in the Ukrainian Foundation Ranking

Andrzej Duda He retained the leadership position. He won 52 percent in 2021. votes. Now his support has increased to 87 percent. – says Ukrainian news agency RBC.

Right behind Polish He saw himself as a leader Joe Biden79 percent are believed to be Ukrainians. Boss came third European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen (73%). UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak rounded out the rankings with 64 percent.

Not surprisingly, 97 percent of Ukrainians do not trust Vladimir Putin, and 94 percent. Alexander Lukashenko. Also on the unpopular list are Chinese President Xi Jinping (73 percent) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (69 percent).

The poll also shows that Ukrainians’ distrust of the French president has increased over the course of a year. Emmanuel MacronTo Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Vladimir Putin on Emmanuel Macron: We still maintain business relations

Politician of 2022. Andrzej Duda had to resign

Poles also chose the politician who had the biggest impact on them in 2022. In the United Surveys survey commissioned by, the first place was won by the Mayor of Warsaw and Vice President of the Civic Platform – Rafał Drzaszkowski. Almost 20% cited it. was counted. More on this in the article:

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On June 10, 2022 Mayor Rafał Drzaszkowski visits Bydgoszcz.Politician of the year 2022 elected. The leaders of PiS and PO had to submit to him

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