America. Volodymyr Zelensky met Ukrainian soldiers

Ukraine’s president appeared in New York on Monday, attending the inaugural UN General Assembly. Zelensky participated in several bilateral meetings and is scheduled to speak with them. Joe Biden and Congressional Representatives.

As he announced on social media, immediately after arriving in the United States, the President went. Staten Island University Hospital, They are receiving treatment there Ukrainian soldiers. Soldiers wounded at the front were treated at an American facility Prosthetic arms and legs and rehabilitation are carried out.

The President welcomed his countrymen and visited ex-servicemen practicing walking and weightlifting using transplants. According to media reports, Zelensky was like… Deeply shocked by the sight of mutilated veterans. He tried to show support by asking them questions about their welfare.

Stay strong – President of Ukraine told hospital patients – Come home soon, thank you for your service – He said goodbye to his companions.

An American hospital provides prosthetic limbs to Ukrainian soldiers

He is currently staying at a State Island facility Nine Ukrainian soldiers. In the past year, the clinic has helped with total 35 playersHe lost his limbs in the war. Prosthetics and treatment are funded by an American NGO Acts of kindness.

Zelensky handed it over to some soldiers and hospital staff Ukrainian state decorations. He also posed for photos with them.

The President of Ukraine answered questions about In the presence of the Russian delegation at the UN meeting.

Kiev does not release data on combat losses, but US officials estimateThe number of dead and wounded Ukrainian soldiers approaches 500,000 – The New York Times reported.

Sources: NDTV World, New York Times, AFP

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