War in Ukraine: Russia. Kremlin reacts to attack in Belgorod

According to Kemal, Ukrainians should send it on Saturdays and Sundays Rockets over the border town of Belgorod. The worst damage was reported in the city of nearly 400,000 people. The Kremlin responded to the enemy’s move.

A spokesman for the Russian leader pointed out that Vladimir Putin Report received Vyacheslav Kladkov, Acting Minister of Emergency Affairs and Governor of Belgorod Province, on this matter.

Belgorod. The Kremlin’s reaction

Dmitry Peskov asserted that “Ukraine launched a barbaric missile attack on an apartment complex in Belgorod.”

According to the latest data provided by Gładków, two people died as a result of the shelling. 20 people including two children were injured. Under the rubble – according to the official – There may be more victims.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that an attack had been carried out on Kiev TOSCA Ballistic Missiles and missiles from a rocket launcher RM-70.

War in Ukraine. Devastation in Western Russia

Russian media reported on Sunday that the Ukrainians opened fire in the morning Belgorod. The city is 40 km from the border with Ukraine.

One of the rockets hit, the Kremlin’s RIA Novosti agency reported Apartment building On that day Kharkov mountain. As a result, the entire residential area collapsed. 10 storey building.

Local authorities rushed to the spot. Emergency services, medics and volunteer residents are also there to clear the debris. Unofficially, at least seven people are said to have died.

Evidence: Reuters, TASS, RIA Novosti

What: Catching agents should be out of political controversy/Bolsad news/Bolsad news

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