America. A 29-year-old man has been arrested for threatening a police officer. He said he was killing policemen.

Raymond Lapinski, 29, of Connecticut, was arrested and charged among other things. Local police said an officer on duty was attacked. The man allegedly yelled obscenities and threatened to kill the lawyer. A knife was found on him during his arrest.

According to information provided by Connecticut police, the man assaulted the officer on April 24 in a parking lot in the state capital of Hartford. A policeman in plain clothes was getting into a car when someone in another car started shouting at him. After the officer approached his car, the 29-year-old asked him if he worked for the police. When he confirmed, the man announced that he was “killing the police”.

– Using profanity, the man began to threaten to kill the policeman – explained the spokesperson of the local command quoted by the WLBT-TV portal. He said the officer attempted to make an arrest, but the man who wrote the threats fled in a car, which he immediately drove away. He stopped a short distance away and “shouted obscenities and made obscene gestures” and drove away.

Raymond LapinskyConnecticut State Police

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Hartford. Raymond Lapinski in custody

According to the local Hartford Courant portal, the police managed to find the man’s car, but it was at high speed (160 kilometers per hour – Ed.), so – for the safety of other road users – it was decided to stop. propensity However, the person was traced through the registration no. According to the portal from Hartford, police stopped him on the street on Tuesday morning. When they ordered him to lie on the ground, he had to grab his belt and grab the knife. According to police, the officers then drew their weapons, prompting the man to discharge the deadly weapon, which was seized and seized as evidence. The man himself was taken into police custody. According to the portal citing the police report, the prisoner in the police car allegedly behaved aggressively towards the police officers and shouted curses. Both officers sustained minor injuries.

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The man, identified upon arrest as Raymond Lapinski, was wanted on arrest warrants issued by other counties, police said. The 29-year-old has been charged with assaulting a police officer, reckless driving and carrying a dangerous instrument. On April 26, he was questioned by the court.

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WLB-TV, Connecticut State Police

Main photo source: Connecticut State Police

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