War in Ukraine. Former NATO Vice President: It is time to allow the Ukrainians to take off their gloves

Evaluated in an interview by a retired British general United Arab Emirates Newspaper scheduled for June 29-30 NATO summit in Madrid Must end with a transfer agreement Ukraine Sophisticated weapons needed to defeat Russia.

– The former said that there will never be peace in Europe or the Atlantic Ocean until Putin and Putin’s regime are defeated, and that any talk of a ceasefire or the surrender of Ukraine’s territory will be perceived by Russia as a sign of weakness. NATO Deputy Commander in Europe.

“This is one of the moments in history where you have to go, just as our ancestors did in 1939,” he added. World War II in Europe. “This is the same dynamic of a bloodthirsty dictator who is willing to inflict untold damage and shock on a neighbor in order to achieve his political goals.”

To defeat Russia, Ukraine needs the “necessary tools”, which means that NATO is taking the risk of a significant escalation. We need to reduce them Alliance It must be prepared for the dire situation of a war with Russia, Shreve said.

– We will need a fundamental change of thinking that we will not get close to within NATO. But it could happen in Madrid. NATO nations must catch the bull by the horns, viz Reinforcement – he said. He called for a “major improvement in defense spending” and a “militarization of society” approach.

Sheriff criticized NATO for not doing enough on Ukraine. His opinion United States Should have sent their armor units Eastern Europe Three months ago to show Russia the commitment of the alliance.

England And United States Announced their intention to provide the Ukrainians with a limited number of high-precision missiles with a range of up to 80 km, but according to the sheriff, much more was needed. The missiles handed over to them should be allowed to shoot directly at military positions on the Russian border.

– I will not hesitate to tell Ukraine: If you want to attack Russia, do it – He pointed out. It comes with dangers, but with reports of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers, “Let the Ukrainians take off their gloves. Such strikes will make it harder for Russia to deliver supplies to the front.

– Provide instructions to the Ukrainians to inflict this kind of damage on the Russians. Give the tools for that, in extreme amounts, ” he said. In his view, Russia would not have launched its current offensive if NATO had previously provided enough weapons to Ukraine. Donbass Then Withdrawal from the bottom Kiev In early April.

According to Shirref, Russia’s “exhausted” offensive could reach a climax At the end of AugustThis will provide another opportunity for the Ukrainians to take the initiative. According to him, despite the “indescribable evidence of soldiers” in Russia, its units are “cut into pieces”, and the cost of replenishment is estimated. 20 thousand people and more than 750 tanksTakes months.

“If we can provide Ukraine with the weapons and training it needs to build its capabilities, the Russians will eventually be defeated,” he said, noting that Ukraine should not launch a counter-attack in advance.

Sheriff also estimated that if Ukraine had been allowed into NATO in 2008, the war would not have taken place. According to him, preventive measures should be strengthened in Europe, and if Russia stops near the borders with NATO. Tactical nuclear weapons, NATO must deploy them in Poland and the Baltic countries. “During the Cold War we did it with anti-ship missiles, which had a deterrent effect. The Russians only value strength. If they see weakness, they will continue to try to use it,” he said.

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