All the AR/VR games confirmed for the Apple Vision Pro so far

Are you interested in the games you can play on Apple Vision Pro? Here is the full lineup.

The Apple Vision Pro will be released on February 2 in the US, but the $3,500 headset isn't specifically focused on gaming. Since the Vision Pro won't include tracked controllers, the types of VR/AR/MR gaming that will be available could be very different from other headsets, and Apple insists on calling them “spatial” gaming.

So, if you're planning to buy an Apple Vision Pro and are curious about how it will handle AR/VR gaming, a few options are currently confirmed to be on the way. We'll continue to update this list as more announcements come, but for now, here are all the confirmed Apple Vision Pro games:


One of the best games available on Meta Quest, Demeo is also coming to Apple Vision Pro. A virtual board game with up to four player co-op, where you battle monsters within dungeons through turn-based combat across fantasy campaigns.

In Vision Pro, Solution Games previously confirmed that Demeo includes playing the game in either immersive virtual reality or mixed reality.

Games room

Previously spotted during the Apple Vision Pro reveal, it was recently listed as a launch game. While the main image references classic board games like chess and cards, little is currently known about that.

Just the hoops

Just Hoops – Quest MR movie

Currently available on Quest Applications Lab And PicoJust Hoops is a retro-inspired arcade basketball game with Realcast mixed reality support.

Speaking to UploadVR, creative director Diego Fernandez Bravo confirmed that it will also be coming to the Apple Vision Pro with the team targeting a launch on February 2.

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Detail room

Rec Room remains a popular social experience across VR and flat screen platforms, so it's no surprise to see it coming to the Apple Vision Pro. It currently only supports controller inputs, though the studio previously confirmed that hand-tracking controls are in development. Release date is still unknown.

Superfruit Ninja

Screenshot of Fruit Ninja VR 2 Steam game

Continuing the trend of Fruit Ninja VR mods, we're not sure if Super Fruit Ninja is a new game or if Halfbrick has renamed Fruit Ninja VR 2 to fit Apple's guidelines. I've seen it before WWDC 2023 conferenceApple recently mentioned it again along with the Vision Pro release date.

What golf?

Initially released in 2019 on mobile before subsequent PC and Switch ports, the original Triband game has been adapted for Vision Pro. The physics-based golf parody promises to “transform the space around players” on February 2. However, all we've seen so far is a short clip (1:21:35) during WWDC's State of the Union stands.

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