A realistic look for the Pixel tablet, including a new coral color [Gallery]

Google Design will be exhibiting at Milan Design Week 2023 with “formed by water. This installation too happen to include Google product lineup, including the unreleased Pixel Tablet in the new coral color.

Coral Pixel Tablet

Google has already shown green with a black frame around the screen and beige with a white frame. They can be called “hazel” (like the Pixel 7 Pro) and “porcelain”, respectively.

We reported earlier this week that we’re expecting two more colors for the Pixel Tablet, and one of them looks pink/orange/coral.

The current lineup of devices has lighter “Sand” on the second-generation Nest Hub and Audio, while “Coral” on the Nest Mini and Pixel Buds Pro are more lively. The coral or pink used on the Pixel Tablet is definitely a much lighter shade.

Meanwhile, we can clearly see the bottom edge bumps on the Pixel Tablet, and they look like feet. It should be noted that none of the Pixel tablets shown here have a privacy switch to disable the microphone and camera. We saw the switch at near-final retail offerings of the Pixel Tablet last week and confirmed its existence in our report on Monday.

Moving on, we expect there will be a fourth color for the Pixel Tablet, but it didn’t appear in the above gallery. It could be yellow because the placement of the color-coded tablet suggests a yellow charging base for the speaker (as seen next to the “Lemongrass” Nest Wifi Pro).

In this table we also have the Pixel Watch Metal Links Band in brushed silver. It is expected, along with the Metal Mesh Band, this spring, and an official statement may be released soon.

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formed by water

The rest of the gallery is somewhat related to the domed design of the Pixel Watch. The main installation has two components that you either walk through or lie down and look up to see:

  • Sympathetic Resonance, 2023: “A group of mirrored sculptures containing shallow pools of water. These polished vessels dissolve into their surroundings, taking on the character of space and allowing distilled water to be experienced for acoustic qualities.”

    “As people gather and move around different pools, sweeping tones rise and fall from within the vessels. The closeness and collective presence of the crowd is reflected in the ultrasonic tones that form wave patterns on the surface of the water.”

  • Wave Space, 2023The vibrational energy of music sculpts a pool of water into coordinated waves, transforming the water into a kinetic liquid lens.

    “This natural lens refracts and reflects the light above into an ever-changing grid of images. The resulting light work provides a visual stimulus for the audience to dream with open eyes. Just like gazing at clouds or gazing into fire, this experience is never the same twice and is unique to each person.” .

Another demo that replicates the Pixel Watch’s domed glass using a water dropper.

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