Draymond Green thanks Steve Curry for saving him in Game 3 against the Kings

For the second time in the past 10 months, Steve Curry has authored an unforgettable performance saving Draymond Green from endless public ridicule.

Curry’s 36-point effort in the Warriors’ Game 3 victory over the Kings in the first round of the NBA Playoff Series Thursday night at Chase Center came on the heels of Green being suspended from the contest after he stomped on the chest of Kings Center Domantas Sabonis late in Game 2.

“Last night’s Steph Curry match was just jazz,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show,” which aired Friday. “She was beautiful. She was so beautiful. He was in control of everything. Not a lot of players, certainly in the league now, can control a game like that. You’re talking about Steph Curry and LeBron James… Luca.” [Doncic]This controls the entire speed of the game. whatever happens. It is very difficult to do this.

“To watch Steph Curry do it last night… You held me again bro. Hold me again. I can’t thank him enough. Absolutely amazing. Again. A master at work. Not many in life do that. Get a master’s degree.” At work. I appreciate that because I sure did.”

Without Green, the Warriors were in danger of falling into a 3-0 hole against their Norcal rivals. But Curry wants Golden State to win by 17 points.

“We watched Steve Curry’s NBA Finals, which was absolutely amazing,” said Green. “He controlled the whole game. It was like calming down, ‘I’m not going to let us lose, I’m in the moment, that’s what it is and nobody can do about it.'” Masterful. What we saw Steve Curry last night was just a master at work

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Last June, Green needed Curry to match him against the Boston Celtics during the NBA Finals. When the series moved to TD Garden, Green had a forgettable Game 3 and another less-than-stellar 4.

But the NBA Finals MVP composed one of the greatest plays of his career helping the Warriors win Game 4 and thus saving Green from public criticism for his poor play.

Ten months later, Greene had to watch from home as Curry and the Warriors season saved him.

After the Warriors’ 114-97 win over the Kings, Green made his way to the Chase center and revealed that he had a conversation with Curry in the locker room.

“When I got to the ring last night, I got to the ring after the match, I just sat there next to him and just said, ‘Oh my God,’” Green said. wow. Like, that was brilliant, Steve.” “And we talked about it. We talked about what he saw. Some of the things that we talked about as we got into the game and then to talk about those things after the game and to see that these things work in particular. The aura was special. “

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Green will return to the Game 4 lineup on Sunday with the goal of helping Curry and the Warriors even a best-of-seven series.

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