Agatha and Pyotr Rubik survive a dangerous adventure. Celebrities have eaten their fears whole

Peter And Agatha Rubik After returning from a vacation trip to sunny Florida, they caused quite a stir when they announced that they wanted to move to Miami permanently.

Although it may seem so at first “The American Dream” Celebrity is their temporary passion, the famous musician and his wife often mention their bold plans.

When the Rubies started selling their wares, fans believed that the couple was seriously considering going abroad.

A few months later, the composer announced on social media They fulfilled their common desires and moved to Miami with their children.

Celebrities did not hide their happiness about this, but over time it turned out that everything was not as simple as they had previously thought.

After Pyotr and Agatha They overcame problems related to buying an apartmentThey were very surprised Weather in Florida.

During a trip to the local shopping center, the musician and his girlfriend He had a dangerous adventure. When a 55-year-old man and a 37-year-old man wanted to return home after shopping, their plans were foiled… flood

The celebrity reported the entire situation in detail on social media.

“It’s not good and we don’t know how to turn around. Roads are blocked by floating cars,” Agatha Rubik said on her Instagram profile.

At some point, emotions took over and the wife of the famous artist began to panic.

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“I rarely get stressed, but today was a day when everything got completely out of control. We went shopping to a shopping mall 20 km from home. Meanwhile, the streets were flooded. (…) We are trying to get to the highway to go back,” he added.

Although the adventure unfortunately had a happy ending, the spouses were filled with fear and did not hide the fact that they had learned a good lesson.

“Whether we come or not— “Once again we learned a good lesson not to leave the house during a downpour.” – summed up the composer’s girlfriend.

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