A Wall Behind Kim Jong Un’s Sister Russia Attacks America for Tanks for Ukraine “They will be completely burned” | World news

Kim Yo Jong said in a statement carried by the North Korean Central News Agency that the United States “continually crosses the red line.” Tanks To Ukraine.

According to Kim Jong Un’s sister, the U.S. decision reflects a “sinister intent to pursue its hegemonic goal by further expanding the proxy war aimed at destroying Russia.”

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“The United States is an arch-criminal that poses a serious threat and challenge to Russia’s strategic security,” Kim Yo Jong wrote.

Pentagon on Abrams for Ukraine: Delivery takes months

“I have no doubt that all the weapons that America and the West are so proud of will be burned and destroyed in the face of the indomitable fighting spirit and power of the valiant Russian army and people,” he added. He pointed out that North Korea will always “stand in the same trench”. Russia.

Note that North Korea is the only country – apart from Russia and Syria – to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.

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Sienkiewicz: There are no winners in the war in Ukraine

War in Ukraine. US decision to extradite Abrams

President of the United States Joe Biden The decision to transfer 31 modern M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine was announced on Wednesday.

– Abrams tanks are the most powerful in the world, but they are complicated to use and maintain. Therefore, he said, we will also provide spare parts and equipment for Ukraine’s service on the battlefield. Sending the Abrams to Ukraine will take time, but Joe Biden noted that Ukrainian training will begin soon.

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A few hours ago, Chancellor German Olaf Scholes announced that Berlin would supply Kiev with 14 Leopards from its own resources and allow the Allies to export more.


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